I always made a big deal about holidays when the kids were at home. We’d decorate and have themed meals and whatnot, go to events, stuff like that. This year it’s just me and my husband for 4th of July and he hasn’t seemed interested.

Sample conversation, demonstrating why I think he’s not interested:

Me: “Do you want to go see the fireworks? Go to the rodeo? Go to the lake?”
Him: “No.”

Nonetheless, I can tell that I would feel put upon if I had to work very much today. I hope to be through working by 10:00 or so, and to have a PSD thereafter. I might make something festive — hotdogs and cake with berries, perhaps.

And I will sew STP2, which is just a different colorway of STP1, this time with sleeves.


I’m also mentally planning my Fall 2014 SWAP, which I guess I am going to make. My gray and berry shades aren’t precisely Pantone’s– and of course they don’t have to be — but close enough, I think, that I can choose coordinating colors from the Pantone autumn palette.


Preliminary list:

  1. gray jacket
  2. gray skirt
  3. gray pants
  4. berry jacket
  5. berry skirt
  6. cognac brown pants
  7. print top
  8. print skirt
  9. cobalt top
  10. royal blue top
  11. mauve top

Preliminary pattern choices: Butterick 5965, Simplicity 1467, New Look 6922, McCall’s 6519

Fabrics: Well, I am sort of ignoring the fact that I’ve ordered three prints. I may still make dresses instead of separates, or I can just make three print skirt/top sets, because really nearly everything in my closet is a solid color, so I have stuff to mix and match with if I ever took it into my head to do so. In real life, I tend to wear the jackets, tops, and pants, and let the skirts hang in the closet.

In any case, this is my holiday plan. Possibly my entire holiday weekend plan. I still miss my kids on the holidays, but I know they are all out having fun, and I also know that a sewing weekend would be refreshing for me.