DSCN3294 During the school year, the days of the week have their own characters. Friday is the day I stop work at 5:00 and take the evening off, even if I plan to work all weekend. Wednesday is breakfast with my stepfather, oDesk payday, class, and choir practice Tuesday tends to get filled up with meetings. Monday is class, chorale, and the visit of the Schwann’s man. Thursday is Vine day twice a month but otherwise it’s about writing. I don’t usually have to go anywhere, and I’ve usually heard back from clients, so I can just settle down and churn out thousands of words.

I like Thursdays. They’re sort of a relief.

There is, however, one event on Thursday that I could do without. I cannot complain about this, of course, but there is a frequent Thursday conflict that only I know about.

Thursday is the night when “The Big Bang Theory” comes on. True, this show is on over and over all week, but Thursday at 7:00 is when the new episode comes on. This is the only TV show that I ever want to watch on TV, apart from the occasional “Daily Show” rerun. These two TV shows are in fact the only ones for which I know the schedules.

At 7:00 on Thursday night, my husband and #1 son invariably become engaged in an intense conversation, one standing on each side of the TV. This evening they were debating gun control. Penny actually got a part in a play — coincidentally, the play we’re going to see on Sunday — and Raj may have gotten a girlfriend. I don’t know exactly what happened because there was a spirited discussion of gun control going on right in front of it.

Obviously, I care more about my menfolks than about a TV show. Still… why does this inevitably happen at this one time during the week?

It could be that they do it at other times as well. We have lots of conversation here. I wouldn’t especially notice if it happened routinely at, say, 8:19 on Fridays. But it invariably happens at 7:00 on Thursday.

I may not be up to date on the hijinks of the apartment dwellers, but I did get more done on #1 daughter’s scarf, pictured above. I need to do another six inches or so.

I have six more blog posts to do this week, too. I have class tomorrow morning, followed by a meeting, so I think I have two or three hours tomorrow in which to write them. With any luck, it will work out perfectly.