Last night I got to babysit the New Baby. I read about half of Louise Penny’s Still Life. I had ordered it in paperback because the paperback was cheaper than the Kindle, and it had arrived that day. My Kindle was out of juice, so it was fortunate that I had a physical book on hand. It’s very well-written and intriguing.

So I didn’t make any progress on needlework last night.

Nor have I made any progress this morning. I swept my porch. I will have to get out there and scrub, actually. Sweeping once a year doesn’t prevent filthy furniture. Cleaning the porch is this week’s housekeeping job on the HGP, and today is the last day. Tomorrow we move on to the living room.

I visited #1 daughter and the babies today, and I may join a volunteer action at the church tomorrow.

So my all-needlework weekend plans have been disrupted already. But I don’t want to eschew needlework altogether. So what project should I work on?

  • Make the burgundy pieces of my Collection. There are just three pieces, but two are unfamiliar patterns. I didn’t cut things out last night and I haven’t done all the finishing on the gray pieces yet.
  • Finish the gray pieces.
  • Get on with Chimera, the gray cardigan for my collection.
  • Finish the clothing for Georgia the Dog.
  • Swatch the llama wool for #2 son’s Christmas gift. That happened and you can see it in the snap above. 14 stitches to 4″.
  • Finish knitting the New Baby’s outfit.

How will I decide among all of these important and satisfying projects?