Kitchen cabinet before tidying:

Kitchen cabinet after:

Admittedly not much of a transformation, but it could be done in the evening after dinner. The pantry, the freezer, and the refrigerator? Maybe not. I think I have to wait for the weekend, when toy boxes and kids’ closets are scheduled. I don’t have those things, so it should work to swap them.

Overall, the 30 Day Declutter Challenge has been doable and beneficial. For inspiration, I’ve been listening to Spark Joy, the sequel to The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. If the first book sounded a wee bit eccentric, the second book is even more so. We are supposed to give thought to the feelings of our belongings. Money, for example, has a great deal of pride and feels humiliated if it’s left out on a table.

We must also be conscious of the auras of our things. Electrical stuff, for example, such as extension cords or lightning cables, gives off a pungent scent and makes people nervous. Books, on the other hand, send words out into the atmosphere and can be noisy. These things get in the way of taking the book seriously, for me at least.

I’m listening to it on my Kindle while driving, though, so I will give it a bit more of a chance before I give up. There has been one useful point made so far. Kitchens, the author says, should be set up to be easy to clean, not easy to cook in. I plan to think about that as I organize the rest of the kitchen this week.