Beginning of the week, with appointments and to-do lists and habit trackers in. The decorated one is more interesting and fun looking.


End of the work week. The undecorated one is scribbled and scrawled on. The decorated one is less scrawled on, and I have used the habit trackers pretty well. I think the checklists make me feel more accountable than a note does. I still have checklists for the weekend, while my work planner has tiny boxes for the weekend– and I plan to close it and not look again till Sunday night.

What’s good about an undecorated planner: it looks more professional, doesn’t tempt me to buy stickers all the time, and works well with my GTD approach. There’s more room for notes, too.

What’s good about a decorated planner: it’s fun, it’s better for tracking habits, and it feels like a better record of the week, though when I look closely that is not true. Also, being a record of the week is not on my planner must-do list.

But one of the planner gurus on YouTube pointed out that spending the time decorating the planner helps her remember things, and enjoying looking at her planner makes it more likely that she’ll see her lists and appointments and get everything done.

Continuing to use both through 2016 seems a little… self-indulgent? Impractical? Silly? If I had to pick one, I would have to pick the one I can take to meetings without exciting alarm. But I like having one for home. My house is cleaner. I’m more likely to keep up my good habits.

Including planning my weeks.

One thing is settled: everybody is getting a planner for Christmas this year, of one kind or another.