It’s the day after receiving the new partial denture. I Googled and discovered that it can take up to a year to adjust. I don’t think it will take a year, but I’m trying to keep perspective. One website said the key to success is  a good attitude.

So this is just for the record. I am exhausted. I kept the new device in until dinner time, at which point I was tired and in pain, but I still did a 10 minute Daily Burn weights session. I switched to the old device. Then I ate bean soup, grapefruit, and ice cream. Soft foods, you see.

I’m tired and achy, so I’m knitting and watching Lie to Me.

Tomorrow we have staff meeting and I have some blog posts to write and some social media to do for clients. I hope to finish up fairly early and begin my Sewcation. I may get more cans of soup and Italian ice.

I will definitely turn off my Fitbit alarm and sleep as much as possible.

Perhaps even though I am fine on the surface I am actually old enough that it takes me a while to recuperate from things.

The baby in the picture is very young and has no teeth at all. My opposite.