La Bella and I went to “The Book of” yesterday. My outfit, which I also wore to church and Sunday school, was entirely me-made.

Elle pants in peacock blue, the top from the 2018 two-piece dress, and the green boucle Coco jacket. I felt comfortable, stylish, and age-appropriate.

This is the fifth go-round of the DYW. My wardrobe is way better now than it was back then, though I still have clothing in many sizes. Obviously, if I can wear a size 6 Coldwater Creek jacket, I cannot also wear a size 14 from the same company. I must get rid of the larger sizes.

I’ve lost weight since 2018, but I think I’ve settled in at around 125, my weight in college. My measurements at 36-29-36, which means I have a larger waist than I did back then,  but I don’t think I will get much smaller. I should be able to make fitted clothes now and wear them in the future. So I should be able to get rid of the larger sizes in my wardrobe and fill in the gaps.

At the moment, my Why is the same as it has been up till now: “To enjoy transforming my collection of beautiful materials into a chic wardrobe that will let me present my best self.”

I plan to sew skirts and tops to extend my current wardrobe, using Pantone’s spring 2020 palette colors Biscay Bay, Mosaic Blue, and Coral Pink.