I’ve done the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe challenge every year since it started, but this year is different. For one thing, I am the same size this year as I was last year, so I actually have plenty of clothes. I’ve been listening to Overdressed, too, and it is giving me a lot of new thoughts about clothing, including a real discomfort with having too many garments.

However, I am not thinking about spending money on fast fashion, to the detriment of our environment (more about this anon). I am thinking about moving fabrics and yarns from my crafts room to my closet. That’s not bad for the environment at all.

Last year, I participated in the Hot Pattern Secret PJ Party. We made soft, nap-ready clothes that still looked good in Zoom meetings. I completed 9 garments and I have worn all of them many times.

We’re still in the midst of the pandemic, and I could repeat last year’s looks in this year’s colors to good effect.

Gray is my best neutral and it is one of the neutrals for this season in the Pantone palette. I’m currently knitting a cardigan in gray, though a bit darker than this season’s official shade, and that will certainly be part of the collection.

I have fabric in gray that seems close enough, too.

I still have this kit from last fall, when I got almost nothing sewn up.It could be a good, comfortable choice for Zoom meetings now and in the spring. The photo even has a bit of yellow with the gray — the Pantone Colors of the Year.

The official gray and the fashion colors from the palette can be seen at the top of this post with some other fabric from last fall that seems suited to the spring collection. This could be the year of “Picking up the Pieces.”

But #1 daughter and I are also planning a trip to Kansas City its once the pandemic is over. Maybe that will be this summer. Maybe I should make a travel capsule for that trip, just out of optimism.

Today I will be looking for inspiration for my story, the first step toward the collection. “Adventure Ready Chic” could be my story this year.