My vision is a big problem right now. I cannot see clearly at all. I can’t read normally or even see the TV. I can’t see the keyboard of my computer clearly.  I also feel as though I’m being shaken from side to side. I can’t walk straight down my hallway. I can’t sleep, either. I haven’t had more than 5 hours a night for over a month.

My face is puffy and it feels like something is crawling on it.

My fingers aren’t working properly. The fingertips are numb. I fumble with the yarn as I knit now. Same for my feet. Except for the knitting, of course.

I’m exhausted. Working is very difficult.

I’m down to 30 mg of Prednisone this week. I should be finished by the 27th. Too bad it won’t be in time for Christmas, but by then I will be down to 5 mg and I am hoping I will feel more normal.

I stopped taking the Meclizine.