I’m 5 days into Ignite at DailyBurn (I started over on January 1st) and today is the day we get a pep talk about sluggishness. The claim is that, now that we’re eliminating the Evil 6 from our diet, we are close to feeling the amazing wonderful energetic fitness they promised us, but first we will experience groggy mornings, daytime fogginess, and afternoon energy crashes.

There’s science behind it, they say bithely. Your body is learning to burn fat instead of sugar.  Apparently, if you eat the Evil 6, your body is able to grab the highly efficient glucose as a quick energy store and doesn’t bother with the more difficult process of getting energy from stored fat. Like hummongbirds with access to feeders who forget how to get nectar from flowers. This sounds questionable, but I’ve lost five pounds, so I’m soldiering on.

Last night I was reading about quantum physics and the nature of the universe in Science of the Discworld. I’ve done a fair amount of reading about quantum physics — it’s one of the subjects I find interesting — but this was different because it brought in planets. Typically, quantum physics sticks to small things, like atoms and quarks. Naturally, they’re relevant to the planets and the origins of the universe, but it was interesting to read about the connection.

The book is from back when Pluto was a planet. Apparently Pluto was always considered weird, and had been on the edge of being demoted for years before it finally happened. Pluto’s behavior doesn’t fit the predictions of either Einstein or Newton. This probably means that they’re wrong, rather than that Pluto is wrong, it seems to me, but I’m not an astrophysicist.

Beyond being interesting, it was refreshing. If you think too much about one thing, however interesting that might be, you need to stop and think about something else for a while.

Having said that, I also have to work today. We’re still catching up from the holidays, and I have a whole lot to do. One of the things for today is our annual meeting. This year, it’s just me and #1 daughter. Usually, #2 daughter joins in, but I fear that we have lost her to that big marketing company in the big city.

It might be easier… however, I am groggy and foggy and this meeting usually includes croissants.