The bigger of the Littles has been having dramatic digestion problems. I cuddled her up for an hour or so while her mama went to the drugstore, and found out the next day that she has strep throat as well.

I apologized to #1 daughter (her mama, that is) for mentioning my own digestive issues. “That’s my life right now,” she said.

Mine, too.

The good thing is that the diarrhea is over. I hesitate to mention it, but it has been a primary feature of my life for weeks. Possibly months. I might as well be honest about it.

I’m still vomiting most days, but not today, praise the Lord. Maybe that too will be ended.

Nausea is still an issue, too.

But I can go to bed without fear of waking up in — ahem — an emergency situation. I can even leave my house.

I took a couple of days to prioritize just eating, after a bit of an intervention by #1 daughter. She made me a huge pan of lasagne and I’ve been having that in alternation with baked potatoes. I had bread yesterday. My blood glucose numbers, which had been below 100, got up to 140 this morning.

130 is the maximum allowed.

I’m feeling a lot better, though. Less weak. And I’m keeping the food down. I’ll get back to the Plate Method tomorrow, but I think it was the right decision.

I’m optimistic, at least.