It’s Ditch Your Resolutions Day, so called because this is the statistically average day for giving up on New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not ready to give up.

I completely understand doing so. By now, life has gotten busy and stressful and that’s when resolutions get forgotten and old habits take over. But there is a whole lot of year left, and my resolutions are goals to complete over the course of the year. While my goals for the year include some specific things to make, learn, and do, I am primarily focusing on habits.

This week’s Balance habit is eating regularly every two to four hours. Breakfast should be within half an hour of getting up and we should stop eating in time to give our digestive systems 12 hours off. I have two more days to master this before moving on to the next habit on the list, mindful eating.

If I master this over a weekend, will I still be able to keep it up during the workweek? And can I master something in two days if I have failed for five before that? We’ll see.

I’m doing pretty well with my other habits, though I could do better.

My class yesterday went well. I’m not caught up at work, but I’m not as far behind as I was. Tomorrow contains a plethora of meetings, and then I have a sales call and a dentist appointment and a cable guy plus just normal working for a week.


So today, while my husband is at work, I am going to relax and knit. I might be able to finish the sleeves, even.Here you see me matching the second sleeve to the first one as I go so that they will be the same in the end. Then we’ll see if the re-knitted sleeves fit the re-knitted body.

Workout first, of course, and breakfast, and there will be housework and grocery shopping in there at some point, but I will certainly take some time to de-stress.

All the better to keep my resolutions.