This is actually the most surprising part of the report. Apart from Americans, French people are the majority in my family tree. My grandmother on my father’s side was born in France and all her ancestors were from France. My paternal grandfather’s mother was French. My mother’s grandmother was French Canadian. Among my great-grandparents, 42% were French. Documents say “France” and “French” and “Francais” constantly. The further back we go, the more French people we find.

Yet Ancestry calculates my French heritage at 1%. This is because my forebears lived in Alsace and Aquitaine, not in Paris.

It is strange, though.

Today is the last day of Master Bedroom Week on the HGP. I spent an hour or two dusting everything and placing it carefully on the flat surfaces.

The truth is, I like clutter. But I only like what Peg Bracken called “artful clutter.”

My husband’s side of the room is still messy and untidy. I guess that’s how he likes it.

I did take down all his trophies and shine them up. I am appalled at how much dust they collected. Apparently I only do this once a year. The last time I had a house cleaner, she told La Bella that I “have nice3 things, if only she would dust once in a while.”


My bedroom is not perfect, but I am happy with it, and happy to have the mess and clutter cleared up. I hope I can keep it up.

The other main thing for this week on the HGP is that we begin our handmade Christmas gifts. I completed the first of the washcloths I plan to give along with homemade spa products in stockings this year.

I have not made much progress with the Fleming sweater — just enough to see a big mistake, which I will try to fix today. I plan to do some intensive knitting today, along with reviews and perhaps some baking.