If you are familiar with Ancestry.com you have probably heard stories about people who were surprised by their DNA test results. They have always thought thy werePolish but discover that they are fact half Persian and half Italian!

When I got my DNA test done, I was sort of hoping for surprises, but no, I found out that I was right. But the new update looks a bit different. 40% of my DNA looks like England & Northwestern Europe. “Primarily located in: Belgium, Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey), and England.”

Looking at the maps for individuals, I see that the people in this area largely came from Alsace.

Here’s my great-grandmother’s birthplace. Her side of the family all show upon roughly the same place, though their birthplace names differ. I guess they came from little villages around Strasbourg.

This shows where she got married, in China ,and also places in the U.S. where she lived.

We have a few Englishmen. The map below shows the birthplace of one of them. He emigrated to Virginia, where he joined a bunch of other people whose birthplaces we don’t know. Immigrant ancestors often don’t leave records of their home countries, but a lot of these folks may have been English.

I guess I have always thought of those guys as Americans.

Another Englishman, also born near London.

So this new analysis gives me some additional directions for research.

However, I have noticed that people’s attempts to connect their English families usually fail. That is, they just seem to pick someone with  the same name and guess at the connection.

I don’t plan to do that.

I will try to search more diligently, though.