We’re doing this for Lent in church choir. This is the best recording of it that I could find.

This morning I started the day with social media and email, then met my dad for breakfast (waffle and bacon). He has an idea to switch from a republican style of government to a direct democracy and thinks that a book on the subject will make him rich.

I zipped home from that and wrote a couple of blog posts. Then on to teach writing class. I asked the students questions like, “What the thesis of the paper you have in your hands right now?” and was met with total silence. Not sure what to do with that.

Next I had a meeting with a long-time client, but the new marketing person at the company. She had just had a meeting with The Computer Guy and we had a good talk.

Next I went to a local restaurant to meet with another client and his mother. I enjoyed that very much; I really enjoy this guy’s company and his mother was warm and charming. We ended up having lunch (artichoke quiche, salad, homemade roll).

Home, following phone convos with #1 daughter and #2 son, and more blogging. Then choir, where we had a birthday celebration (cupcake).

If you’re counting, that’s six hours of direct human contact plus phone time, and 10 points of the Evil 6.

Conclusion: no more Evil 6 this week, and I am seriously behind on work.