My doctor finally put in notes from last month’s visit. There wasn’t a lot of information there for me.

She said that I was “oriented 3x” which immediately caused me to wonder why she didn’t say I was oriented 4x. I mean, first I had to Google it, but then I wondered.

Here are the types of orientation:

  • Oriented to person: The person knows their name and usually can recognize significant others.
  • Oriented to place: The person knows where they are, such as the hospital, clinic, or town.
  • Oriented to time: The person knows the time of day, date, day of the week, and season.
  • Oriented to situation: They can explain why they talking to the doctor.

She didn’t ask me to explain why I was talking to her, but I really think I could have done so. She actually didn’t ask me any of those things. I guess she just estimated that I probably knew my name and the date.

She also said that my diabetes was “fairly controlled” and she estimated that I was complying. My A1C was 6.1. The goal is <7 but it had previously been 5.9. “It’s diabetes,” she said severely.

I think I’m quite compliant.

But she had a list of things she would mention to me if I wasn’t in fact complying:

“carb controlled, increased exercise and regular blood sugar monitoring: daily.”

I don’t think I count carbs well, actually. I rely on an app and I figure I’m good if it says 150 grams or less. But I don’t always track everything. I never bother with quantities. Okay, obviously I don’t pay proper attention to carbs.

I absolutely do monitor my blood sugar twice a day.

I do need to increase exercise.

Okay, I will improve.