We’ve had #1 son’s dog visiting for a couple days. His fur is thick, glossy, and so black that it swallows up the light and makes him look like a shadow. A shadow who is currently chewing on my tape measure.

He and I are having a low-key weekend. Lots of knitting and reading. He’s a cuddly dog, even though he’s enormous, so these actions include a side of cuddling.

He’s also chewing things up. He has devoured the cats’ beds and a couple of books so far.

I blog for a dog breeder and sometimes, as I’m writing about the joys of having a dog, I think that we should get a dog. But dogsitting might be even better. We’ll have #2 daughter’s dog next week, and we often have #1 daughter’s dog for a weekend.

This way we get the walks and the petting and the unconditional love for which dogs are justly famous, without too much of the noise, mess, and naughtiness, for which dogs are also justly famous.  The dogs go home long before the inconvenience begins to overshadow the pleasant parts.

The best of both worlds.