This week’s Daily Burn habit is to give up sweet drinks. I was glad to have something that was so much a current habit of mine that I could do it in spite of all the other stuff going on this week. I drink tea and water, pretty exclusively.

But #1 daughter and I went to lunch today and I followed her lead and had Orange-Cranberry Limonata, and it was quite good. Refreshing. I had salad and a side dish of pasta of which I ate just a bit, so it was a satisfying and vegetable-embracing lunch.

We were able to free our minds from the various issues long enough to make some excellent future plans for the business, and then I headed off to meet with the pastors at church. I did a lot of crying, but I figure they’re used to it.

Home, and my husband and I had a good talk about, among other things, my stepfather and his issues. At one point in an impassioned speech, my husband referred to my step-father’s scooter as a screwdriver, and I couldn’t help laughing.

Class was good today, too, but I failed to do several things at work that I should have done, out of sheer absent-mindedness. So I guess I am about halfway through the return to normalcy.

I finished re-knitting #2 daughter’s Adiri sweater. Bisi approves of it, you can see above. And it’s quite pretty, as you can see below. But I fear it may still be too small.