Indianapolis is a proper city. Riding into town on the shuttle I was struck by the extreme flatness, and also by the solar energy farm taking advantage of all that flatness. There is no scenery between the airport and the town, so I figured they’d have to make up for that with cool architecture.

Downtown has a lot of buildings from the ’30s and ’40s, complete with whimsical architectural details.


This is the Union Station, right outside the hotel.


It has a clock tower.


I’m on the 12th floor, so I see rooftops out my window.


There is a sameness in all these pictures because I’m at a conference, so I’m really just seeing the hotel.

One of the other attendees and I did take a walk after lunch yesterday. She lives here, so she knew where she was going, and we got in about a thousand steps for our Fitbits’ sakes.

We still saw the things in these pictures. Seems like a nice town.