Dreamland is an Australian TV program set in the offices of a national planning agency. There are a couple of workers who want to get things built. All around them are people engaged in messaging, launches, websites, media, and whatnot. Also technology that simply doesn’t work.

In one episode they are sending emails by writing the email on a laptop and having a secretary carry it to the recipient’s office.

Nothing goes smoothly. People go for coffee and find that the water is off. The drilling machine can’t get into place because a launch banner is going across the road. The head of the media department appears suddenly for meetings

The support staff is unfazed by all these delays and time wastings. They remain unfailingly cheerful and unconcerned. The head of the department greets every issue with disbelief, then composes himself and does his best to be cheerful and helpful.

My work is not like that. Not at all.

But there are enough moments that I can really enjoy this program. #1 daughter says that’s what’s funny — things that are just that much past reality.

The Good Ol’ Boy says that’s why he doesn’t like TV shows: they suck you in so you want to see what happens next.