We had our dress rehearsal last night. Two run throughs with a little audience each time. No one forgot their lines or had any real troubles. I teared up in Scene 14 even though I know the whole thing. My voice did not desert me in the singing bits.

We’ve developed some camaraderie within the group and the director has done a very good job. The audience was very positive — well, of course. These are our friends and family, after all.

I have whined a lot about the time commitment involved in the project, but it has been an interesting new experience. My kids were in lots of plays ands now I attend my grandkids’ performances, too, but this is the first time I have been in a play.

Tonight is the first performance. Tomorrow is the last performance. I will be driving up to the Next City for an 8:00 team meeting this morning and then I have a to-do list to complete — some admin, some writing.

Dinner will be provided in the green room tonight. By this time Sunday it will all be over.