This week we’re supposed to commit to make the things we’ve planned. We identify the distractions that are likely to come up — being too busy, getting Christmas presents made, diverting our attention to new projects — and figure out how to solve them. Then we commit to making two of the garments from our Collection each month, or to spending two hours each week at work in our sewing room, or whatever we feel we can do.

I am getting a head start this week by cutting out the highest priority garments for my Fall Collection. The idea was to cut out both parts of my two-piece print dress, two pairs of Elle pants, and a classic Chanel-style cardigan/jacket. That would give me 5 pieces to sew up over the Labor Day weekend. I have a sixth garment on the needles, and 6 is the number Seamwork says is realistic. It’s the number of my Spring Collection pieces I actually finished, so I think I agree with them.

I lost the jacket pattern.

I wanted to make the jacket this weekend for two reasons:

  • It’s the piece I most need. I have a couple dozen tops and half a dozen pairs of pants, but all my jackets are now at least one size too big.
  • It’s the hardest piece for me, so I figure getting right to it this weekend will keep me from giving up and not doing it.

The pattern I chose, HotPatterns Coco, is supposed to be very easy. The fabric is perfect and I have matching gimp braid ordered and on the way. It will go with everything in the Collection and quite a lot of my current wardrobe.

A perfect choice.

I cannot find the pattern. It’s no longer available from the manufacturer.No doubt it will turn up someday, but in the meantime I’m stuck.


  • Sew the four pieces I have cut out already. That may be a more realistic choice for one weekend anyway.
  • Make a different jacket. I have plenty of fabric and patterns for jackets, so why be a wimp and insist on something super easy?

Here’s a classic shawl-collared blazer.

Another classic shape, and this one claims to be easy. I have an excellent tweed for this one.

I’ll consider this is the back of my mind as a I work today, and finish my cutting this evening.