I downloaded the “Parisian Classiic” pattern set from StyleArc. I also have a New Look pattern I plan to use. I have been making HotPatterns exclusively for so long that it feels a little odd to go elsewhere, but this year I think I want to do some different things.

Look #1. This outfit includes stretch denim jeans with a hidden elastic waist. I have lots of jeans, so that’s low priority, but I’m glad to have the pattern. It has a more fitted T than I’ve been making, and I plan to make that first from my Very Peri print (in the photo at the top of the post) to establish the color palette.

Then there is the Gigi jacket, a Chanel-style jacket which may be beyond my skill level.

I have a length of tweed which has been waiting for a jacket like this.

Look #2. The same jacket is shown here with a bow blouse. I will make the Fringe Festival top, a sleeveless tie-front tee, to get that effect. I am not sure I’ll make any polka dot pants.

This is that top, which I made one year in a digital print. I have not quite decided on a fabric for this one, but I have several lengths of jersey in soft colors to choose from.

Then I’m making the sarong-style skirt in Granite Green denim. I ordered a pair of 10″ shorts from Talbot’s along with a denim jacket which kept coming up in everything I read and which I know I couldn’t make. Look #3 is below.

This is the StyleArc Stacie pattern, which I would make if I had the skills. The look is probably about the effect of the green skirt and Fringe Festival top with the RTW denim jacket.

Look #4 is similar to 1 and 2, but with a striped T and a blazer. I also still have my second jacket kit from La Droguerie. I made one last year successfully and might do the other this year. It’s a shawl collared blazer, and I like the look above with T shirt and jeans, both of which I have patterns for if I decide I need to make new ones. I expect to knit a couple of T shirt styles, plus a jacket that I’m working on right now.

So I plan on a few tops, a couple of jackets, and a skirt. I usually complete about six pieces per DYW, and that seems likely this year, too.

Today, however, I intend to organize my office. Or at least get started. Then, as my reward, I can cut out some garments.