Yesterday’s new pants went to church this morning with some pieces I already had in my closet. They’re a complete success.

Today’s pieces? Not so much.

The Woven T in silk georgette turned out utterly sacklike. Maybe even worse than sack-like.

I bought this fabric in 2015, I think, and have been planning how to use it ever since.

The top is ugly enough that I didn’t move on to the skirt. Instead I finished the other top.

This is the HotPatterns Shirt Tail T. I’ve made so many that I decided to do something different with the neckline. I like it on the hanger, but it might be unflattering. A bit of the milkmaid look about it.

Tomorrow I’ll do the jacket. And think about what to do with the skirt. If anything. #1 son also told me about a meat sale. We’re supposed to cook for the freezer next week on the Holiday Grand Plan, so I think I’ll do a bit of that.

I made sourdough whole wheat English Muffins today. It doesn’t count as freezer holiday baking, but I’m proud of them.

I went to church as well, and got my planner done for the coming week. A pleasant day, even if my sewing wasn’t all I’d hoped.