I’ve completed two pairs of pants and one top. Today I’ll make the HotPatterns Coco Jacket. I watched Pam Howard’s Craftsy class on sewing with knits and feel prepared. I’m assuming that I can sew it up in the morning and spend the afternoon doing painstaking handwork to make the jacket gorgeous.

We’ll see what actually happens.

Pam Howard has high standards. She’s also a Southern lady, and the combination leads to garments that are beautifully finished and intended to be worn. She gives tips for “keeping everything together” with a delicate gesture at hr midsection, saying that we ladies know what she means. She shows techniques to “add value to your garments” and makes sure that nothing shows that shouldn’t. She includes hand stitching in the category of things that add value, but also of things that shouldn’t show.

But her techniques also seem simple and reasonable, not something to admire but maybe too hard to do. I’m entering my final PSD with confidence.

I’m also going to do grocery shopping and make a giant pot of chili — half for the freezer and half for #2 daughter’s return tomorrow.

It’s Questions week on the HGP. We should clean our living room thoroughly, and do these things:

  • Buy extra flour, sugar, shortening, etc.
  • Make one extra meal for the freezer labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  • Browse for decoration and gift ideas.

Hence the grocery shopping. I already have bought extra flour and sugar, but I’ll get a jar of yeast and baking chocolate.

Here are the questions for Questions week:

  • Do I see Christmas time primarily as a time for entertaining friends and renewing long lost acquaintances or as a time for family? Family
  • How much emphasis do our Christmas activities place on the spiritual side of Christmas? Lots for me, but not for the rest of the family
  • How involved is my family in the Christmas preparation? They have their own households, but maybe this year we can do more together. I think the Little Girl would enjoy a baking day.
  • What activities are particularly important to our family at Christmas? To myself? Our Christmas Eve reveillon, stockings, and board games on Boxingg Day
  • Why do we observe the traditions we do in our house? They’re traditions!
  • How important is an elaborately decorated house, homemade gifts or food, to my feelings about Christmas? These things are very important to me. We won’t have everyone home this year, but it’s worth it just for me.
  • What would my ideal Christmas be like? Everyone home and happy together. Peaceful and relaxed. Loving.