My fabrics arrived yesterday, along with a new pattern I plan to use for the Design Your Wardrobe Spring 2019 collection.

Unpacking supplies for a new sewing project is usually exciting. In this case, there was some disappointment involved.

First, there is the scuba print for the two piece dress. My two piece dress last year was very successful, and I made a top from this print a few years ago and loved it. This seems like a winning choice. The small swatch on the print is a lightweight tweed. A jacket from the tweed would look good with the print. Here are the patterns for this look:

No disappointment there. But the other fabrics I chose were jersey, lace, and twill — each in coral and blue.

They are intended to make the new HotPatterns Victoriana Tee and coordinating skirts.

Here’s the disappointment. The matching laces, which seemed like such a fortunate find, are poor quality. They’re shiny and sleazy.

Sometimes in RTW clothes, I am happy enough with something made from a fabric I would never have considered on its own. And I do have some good quality lace yardage which, while not matching in color, might be attractive.

The other disappointment is that I ordered a printable version of the other pattern I ordered. I hate printable patterns. I hate printing them, I hate putting them together, and I hate working with their taped-together worthless sheets of paper.

I also have two lengths of woven coral fabrics: a stripe and a beautiful light-weight silk which was destined for a nightgown. Here are their patterns:

Bright, fun, and age-appropriate.

My current Collection includes 9 garments, plus the knits I have in mind.