I have a nice wardrobe in size 8. Unfortunately, I am a size 4. Above, my not-yet-finished gray cardigan.

Gray Elle pants, my gray and purple steampunk Foursquare top, and a couple of sweaters.

You can’t really see the purple sweater in the previous photo, so here it is.

And the turtleneck from last year. I don’t feel like I look much smaller this year than I did last year, but I’m 20 pounds lighter — that is, a dress size. A roomier pullover is okay, but I can slip old jeans off without unbuttoning them, so I can’t really wear them anymore.

RTW black jeans and gray dress with gray and pink Shirttail T from the Spring Collection.

The gray and yellow T from the Spring Collection, the black jeans, and the gray and yellow RTW dress.

So I have a couple of dresses, a couple of pairs of pants, and five tops. All well fitting.

I’ve got some coats and jackets as well, though it will be a while till it’s cool enough to wear them.

Then I have my 2019 Fall Collection.

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