My goal for DYW is generally to transform my beautiful fiber stash into a beautiful wardrobe. However, I have lost more weight, so I also have the goal of making sure that I have well-fitting clothes to wear every day.

I remember when I reached that goal for my wardrobe. I could dress in the dark, because I had a drawer full of neutral, well-fitting pants and a closet full of color coordinated, well-fitting tops, cardigans, and jackets. I had a drawer of well-chosen sweaters, too, for cooler weather. Getting dressed was simply no effort. Like President Obama, I could keep my mind on higher things.

Over the past year, I added shoes and handbags, accessories that were fun to add thoughtfully.

I need to remove the things that are too big for me now and see what I might need to add. Pants, I think. Maybe a replacement top or two.

This jacket:

The one at the top of the post. The Chimera sweater:

I don’t want to put things on and then have to take them off. I want to dress confidently every day, knowing that if someone stops by or I need to go out, I won’t feel shabby.

Not too big a goal, right?