Having seen that Chanel-style skirt suits and blouses with Victorian details are the news for fall fashion, I have now been told by Seamwork to get real. What areas of your life do you want to make clothes for? they ask.

My life right now can be sorted into these areas:

  • sitting on the sofa working
  • sitting on the sofa knitting
  • sleeping

I am exaggerating a little. I exercise. I attend Zoom meetings. I see my family occasionally and I go outside every now and then. I’ve masked up a few times and picked up lunch at the bakery. I write reviews and read books and do housework and home reorganization.

Can these things be done in a Chanel skirt suit with a delicate blouse?

So one of my goals for DYW Fall 2020 is certainly being able to dress as confidently in the cool weather as I have in the warm weather. I figure it’s like a play. If the curtain opens on someone sitting on the sofa working or knitting or reading, our reaction and understanding depends on what that character is wearing. Shabby sweatpants and a faded shapeless T tells us something quite different from an intriguing tunic and stylish jeans. Or, for that matter, a Chanel-style skirt suit.

It might seem a little bit crazy or at least seriously outdated to wear any kind of suit during the pandemic, but maybe one of my goals is to learn to make a Chanel-style jacket or to improve my tailoring skills or to enjoy a sew-cation. Those aren’t exactly wardrobe goals. Are they less real?