I finished clearing out my clothes closet. I put all those favorite clothes that are now way too big for me into a box and will take it to donate next week.

But I have not been able to do a mood board. That is the current assignment, and I admit I have struggled with it in the past,  but I have done it every time. Not this time. No access to fashion magazines this year.

So I am instead offering this picture. I like the happy face with a humorous, almost mischievous air. And I have the kit to make this jacket, and intend to do so. I realize that this does not make the picture a mood board. It may be as close as I’m going to get, though.

I want to be happy and to see the light and humorous part of everything as we continue through the pandemic.nI want to be smart, calm, and creative. That’s how the woman in that jacket looks.

I have a nice collection of jackets for fall, actually: four colors of my favorite linen jacket, four pink and/or gray ones #1 daughter and DIL gave me in the spring, plus a couple of homemade ones.

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But I also put at least 5 jackets in my donate box — including my gray and burgundy jackets.

I am therefore tempted to buy new ones.

I will try to make them, though. And knit cardigans, which may be more realistic for the pandemic.