Last week, I was given four lovely jackets.

A sporty dove gray Marmot.

A JJill coral tweed.

Two classic leather jackets, one pink and one white.

I shopped in my stash and also received a Spoonflower order, so I have the makings of a very nice Coral Pink/ Biscay Green capsule with navy and gray as my neutrals. And I guess white, which is one of the Pantone official neutrals this season, but not a color I wear much. It’s just in the backgrounds sometimes.

Mosaic Blue is my major accent color, but it can’t really be considered a statement color, can it?

We’re supposed to divide our colors into neutrals (navy, gray), basics (coral, blue-green), and statement colors.

I try to follow the rules. But as my pile of spring fabrics seen above attests, I have already determined my palette. I’m very excited about this palette. It seems happy and fun.