Now we should shop: our closets, our stashes, and then fabric stores. My fabrics are chosen and stacked, as you can see. My closet holds some gray and burgundy pieces from my 2019 Collection — I made them in my 2019 sewcation.

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Perhaps this is what inspired me to go ahead and take my vacation — or staycation, or sewcation — beginning tonight. #1 daughter brought the babies and a pizza and we had fun. I then cleaned up a bit. I have a Bue Apron box arriving tomorrow so there will be food to cook with little effort, and I may order an Instacart basket of fresh fruit and cookies.

#1 son called and pointed out that if I just do ordinary things I won’t feel refreshed. He may be right. I am planning to add hiking to my days, and I told my husband I am on vacation so he will have realistic expectations.

I like sightseeing on vacations. I like traveling. Staying in hotels. Maybe I will find a way to leave my home a bit more than just an occasional hike.

The pandemic is of course interfering with that plan.

Maybe I will ignore the news.

I don’t know. But I am going to try to give myself a -cation of some sort.