My colors for the 2019 Spring Collection are bright and playful, since I’m planning a bright and playful collection.

There it is: color of the year Living Coral.

Here’s its natural partner, Princess Blue.

Here are fabrics I’ve ordered for my Spring Collection. Yes, I bought new fabric. I paid off a credit card first, and then did a lot of soul-searching, and finally I winnowed my design wall down to $100 in new fabrics in the colors I had my heart set on for my Spring Collection.

I will be able to make six pieces of clothing with that $100 worth of fabric. If I make them, I will have made a thrifty little investment in clothing. If not, I will have wasted money that could have gone toward paying off my surgery.

I enjoyed the shopping. I didn’t spend a lot of time and thought on the colors. I’ve had these two in mind since Pantone brought out their Spring palette.