My intention was to start each week with a post on the garment I’m making for DYW Spring 2021 that week. That would be Monday, and then of course on Sunday I could show the finished garment.

Not this week. I started the week still feeling under the weather, and didn’t manage to work on any of my garments until last night.

Actually, I haven’t finished the paperwork for the collection, either.

But I did get a few rows of Chimera done last night, and it will be weeks till I finish it anyway, so I am going to have this be Chimera week.

I reckon a cardigan’s back equals one third, its two fronts equal one third, and the sleeves and finishing come to the final third. I have completed the back, one front, and about 6 inches of the second front. I make that add up to just about one half the entire sweater.

This is the pattern. It’s from Amy Herzog’s book, Knit to Flatter. I’m making it in Outlaw Bohemia Sport, colorway Arsenic, on size 5 needles.

I love it so far. It will be perfect for the cooler parts of Spring and Fall, and fits the palette and the mood of my collection perfectly.

I started it in 2017, started over in August of 2020, and am determined to get it done this year.