The Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe challenge begins today.

I’ve been mulling over the plan for this year. I feel like I have plenty of clothes at this point. I also have lots of lovely fabric and yarn that needs to be made into new clothes, and I will enjoy updating my wardrobe with new silhouettes and colors of the season. But do I actually need anything?

Inspired by the Frumpfighters, I bought The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas, which offers lists for each season of clothing needed to be well dressed every day.

According to the Spring and Summer lists, I need a few more garments. A printed blouse, a couple of dresses, skirts, shorts, a denim jacket, and a moto jacket. Some of the needed garments may not be for me: a white tank top, white jeans, and a denim jacket?

I actually bought a couple of plain T shirts — two shades of gray to sub for black and white Ts. Maybe a tweed jacket is a better choice for me. I have a few, but I could see making another.

It’s Goal Week for DYW:

  1. Read pages 1-36 in the DYW ebook.
  2. In your planner, write out what your goal is for your collection, and why it’s important to you.
  3. Go over the inspiration you’ve collected and look for the story. Give your collection a name and write it in your planner.
  4. Decide what parts of your life you want to make clothing for, and write down these contexts in your planner (e.g. work, gym, etc).
  5. Create a mood board for your collection. We recommend a physical mood board, but you can also create one digitally.

My goal this season is to update my wardrobe and to continue the transformation of beautiful fibers into stylish clothes. Surely the end of the pandemic is in sight and it will make sense to create clothes for church and work events. At the very least, I want to be sure I can dress nicely for all the events around #2 daughter’s wedding in April.

Mood board coming up!