DYW Weekend, Day 1

I intended to stop work early today and cut out the jacket, ready to begin sewing tomorrow. That did not happen. I have four garments cut, as seen as above.

This was the intended fabric — the teal boucle. Note how lovely it is with the print. Note the gimp braids — either could be snazzy. However, I have not found the pattern.

I do have a Chimera jacket already cut out — in a too-big size. I could re-cut it. It’s a lilac St. John’s knit. Not bad at all with the print.

I could also cut that tweed for the Bouvier jacket. Awesome with the print, and I am not such a wimp that I think I can’t make a classic tailored jacket, right?

At the moment, having worked a full day, cooked a proper dinner, and cleaned the kitchen, I am hemming a top I started and didn’t finish. It’s a lovely fabric, but absolutely doesn’t work with the print.

Having thought about it, I went ahead and re-cut the Chimera jacket. I’m going to sleep as late as possible, get up to a yummy breakfast and a stout cup of tea, and settle into my sewing room for my PSD… or PSW (Personal Sewing Weekend).