We had few at the table for Easter, but we all enjoyed it, and we still had Easter food. Knowing that there was no chance of anyone’s eating complex vegetables, I kept it simple, but it was still good.

My stepfather brought a pie. I made a cake all from store-bought ingredients, which is not my way, but it turned out pretty. I made the cake from a mix, bought icing in a tub, and picked up sugar flowers at Hobby Lobby.


The whole thing was slapped together on my way out the door for church.

This year, I really lost the whole pre-Easter season. I didn’t keep Lent, I only made it to one rehearsal for the Easter music, and in fact I didn’t even make it through a whole church service till this morning.

With no children and no Lent, Easter isn’t nearly as much of a holiday. It was a good day, though. Nice to be with family, and the service was lovely. I had a number of good conversations, and we have plenty of tasty leftovers for the week, though we sent lots home with the guests.