I’ve been reading — very slowly, in five minute bits — a book called Eat Move Sleep which says that’s really all we have to do to be healthy and happy.

I’m not sleeping or moving much and I’m not eating right, but I am feeling a bit calmer. The vacation planning has settled into two camps: those of us who want to leave early and take our time, enjoying the road trip and having a chance to see the sights, and those who want to sleep in and drive straight through.

We are driving through Kansas, which is apparently like the moon with a few gas stations. We have a reservation at a motel eight hours from here, so I tried to find a restaurant midway, but the internet failed me. Apparently, there are none.

#1 daughter says there will be corn fields we can graze in. #2 son demonstrated how he can ask his phone to find him a restaurant and immediately come up with something good. #1 son agrees that we should try to find something interesting and local rather than trusting that there will be a Taco Bell along the freeway. I’m thinking about packing food.

Other than that, things look pretty good for the vacation.

They’re looking a little bit better for the website. Only a little bit, but still…

We have lots of leads for new projects, so I’m hoping that we’ll get back from vacation and have plenty of work for all our people to do. Content is currently doing very well: the right amount of work, the right number of staff members, workable and scaleable systems, good working relationships, and good results.

The other areas of the company have some issues. We’re hoping, #1 daughter and I, to have some time during the vacation to think about and discuss these things without feeling rushed. We will definitely get everything together when we return. It may require changes, but we’ll be rested and refreshed and able to make them — and maybe everything will have settled down by then with the website.