The first week of the new year has been… imperfect. I've been eating proper meals, and not snacking (except after dinner). I got most of the analytics done (except that I was more distractible and less productive than usual). I slept an average of 7:40 (except some days were six hours and some were nine). I've done my 30 minutes of Wii Fit (most days) and walked the dog (most days) and I have done no strength training or Daily Burn or anything.

Then this morning I got up incredibly late (8:30 — after two times up with the dog in the middle of the night), cooked and ate my no-decision breakfast, took down the Christmas tree, and threw up.

This actually happened shortly before Christmas, too. No nausea, no feeling of illness, just random sudden vomiting like morning sickness. I'm documenting it in case it turns out to be an early symptom of some very slow-moving tropical disease that will end up killing me.

I  suppose it is possible that I'm sick, and this is why I've been less energetic than I intended to be. If not, then it may just be that a lovely relaxed Christmas break filled with great food and late game nights requires a little time for recuperation.

It took me about a week to recuperate from jet lag after my visit to Paris. Maybe this is the same thing.

In any case, I was feeling disappointed with myself yesterday, but today I'm reminding myself that perfectionism can be the enemy of progress.

People (including me) make resolutions and drop them on January 17th on average. Gradually moving toward my goals is more sensible and more likely to lead to success. I know this from experience.

So, having lost my breakfast, I got on with my day. It's Saturday, so I fed my starter and got a loaf of sourdough going. I made a quiche for lunch with the last of the Christmas ham (from the freezer) and cheese. I tossed out the rest of the holiday food and rearranged the furniture. My husband and I put together an additional shelf for the sewing room. He went off to get some venison from the Good Ol' Boy and I am going to settle in for knitting and season 6 of Sex in the City.

I'm going to get as much low key solitude as I can, with enough little bits of housework to be ready for Sunday Lunch with the #1s tomorrow. I'm not going to snack and I am going to make some solid progress on Ketch.

I'm going to do my best to eat, move, and sleep right in hopes of getting next week off to a proper start.

And I'm going to enjoy the freshness of the new year without being hard on myself over New Year's resolutions. I have goals and habits, after all, not just resolutions.