I cleaned out the freezer, something I like to do around the time of Will Shakespeare’s birthday. My husband went and got a freezer bundle from the butcher shop and we split it with #1 daughter’s family. We now have a nice store of frozen fruit and veg, flour, and a nice assortment of meats.

I normally cook for myself and sometimes for other family members as well. The average American, I’m told, spent half their food money on restaurant or take-out meals before the pandemic. Not me. But I’ve gotten tired of cooking. Above, a homemade burger with home-baked bun and cantaloupe.

Blue Apron has been a big help. Salmon and snap peas with mushrooms. I added the grapefruit. Instacart has kept me in fresh fruit most of the time, and that’s quite wonderful.

Schwann’s is the third leg of the stool. Most of these goodies came from their truck. It was a proper Easter dinner.

I swapped leftover Easter ham for half of #1 daughter’s blueberry pie.

The rest of the Easter ham went to scalloped potatoes and kale and bean soup.

So I guess the point is that I’m mostly doing well with cooking proper meals. Maybe a little high on the simple carbs and low on the veggies, but not bad.

The rules are the same though: no-decision whole grain breakfast, no-decision fish and salad lunch, and mindful dinner. Over the years that I’ve followed here rules, I’ve gotten off track and back on again for many reasons, from holiday to travel to health issues, and I can do it again.