HI_med_ebook_JPG HI_med_ebook_cover
Our graphics guy sent his designs for the ebook I wrote. We’re planning to share this book at our website as a means of collecting email addresses, and perhaps also offering it as a Kindle book.

I like the look of it — much more professional than what I had done, for sure.

#1 son didn’t like it — he felt it was too angular and boxy. My husband thought it should have my picture on it, not the picture of the doctor.

To me, it looks professional, and it also fits with our website.


Offering an eboook is a proven way to create leads. We’ll see how it works for us — and whether it offers the kind of ROI we hope. I think that at least part of it will depend on the finished length — and of course how long the artist takes to put it together.

That’s the biggest factor in the cost of the thing.

The content is good, I know, though basic. I think it probably needs to be basic for the audience. We’ll see.

We spent last year getting our work scalable so we could grow without lessening the quality — or having me  work completely insane hours. The idea was that we could streamline and systemize things well enough to be able to teach others how to do what we do.

We don’t have the training in place, for sure. However, I think we’re doing fairly well. Well enough at least that we can encourage leads rather than discouraging them. HI_med_ebook_internal_2

This is the first step in the Great 2013 Lead Generation project.

Next comes the landing page and the sales materials.

We’re also working on doing some of the things for our own company that we do for our clients. The plan is to have some serious growth this year, bring in another fulltime person or two, and get the boys graduated.

Then I’ll take a vacation.