I’ve now made two pairs each of Style Arc’s Elle pants and Hot Patterns’s Marrakesh pants, so I think I can help you if you’re trying to decide which pattern to use for your pull-on pants.

Here are the questions you must ask yourself:

  • Narrow legs or full legs? Both are in style right now, but some like one more than the other. Marrakesh pants are very full and Elle pants are very narrow.
  • What fabric do you want to use? Elle is for stable knits and stretch wovens, while Marrakesh is for soft wovens like linen or rayon challis.
  • Do you need pockets? I like pockets in pants, but no pockets is not a deal breaker for me. If it is for you, then you need Marrakesh pants, with pockets.
  • How short are your tops? Both these pants look okay if you like short tops — neither comes off as elastic-waist pants. But the Marrakesh pants have a zipper, pockets, and a cool drawstring with secret elastic. Elle pants are as plain as a pair of pants can possibly be.

That pretty much covers the differences. Both are very easy to make, they require about the same amount of fabric, and both fit neatly through the hip and derriere. Both are available in a large array of sizes. Both are cut well and both have minimal instructions. Both can be seen online on large women and small women, looking good in each case.