My planner clearly shows me that I didn’t get everything done this week, as I reached back into my to-do list from previous days to check things off. So it may be that I have unrealistic daily to-do lists, but it also is true that the kids didn’t leave till Tuesday, and then I had lunches and dinners with my other kids and long talks with clients and quite a bit of drama spilling over from #1 daughter’s household.

Today is #1 son’s wedding party, which we are catering ourselves, so there will be further chaos, and no chance of catching up.

On the other hand, while there might be a lot of check boxes unchecked, I did exercise every day through the chaos, and I checked off most of my habit boxes most days.


I also stopped working at reasonable times, and even got a bit of knitting done. And I got a manicure with #2 daughter. It is now smudged and ruined all over, because I spent the whole week typing, so I will be getting some nail polish remover along with the ingredients for Truffle Brownie Cups, Chicken Larb, and Festive Meatballs for 70.