This is the week for Embracing Vegetables. I’m striving for 5 servings a day, including a new one.

This morning my husband’s alarm went off at 2:00 a.m. and I tried to go back to sleep until at 4:00 the stupid dog strolled in and casually wet on the floor.

I went to have my hair cut. A bright young woman in a hat snipped layers into my hair and then carefully blowdried it into a sleek gray bell. I don’t know how they make it so smooth, but I never feel like myself with straight hair.

I headed over to Fresh Market to buy salad, (cherry strudel), clean eating pasta sauce with basil, miniature cukes which were new to me, cashews, red cabbage, and I don’t remember what else. I got back to the house and spent over an hour with tech support for a site with a severe problem. He went from describing the problem as “impossible” to describing it as “weird.” He came up with no solution.

More client phone calls and emails ensued, and I think my writing consisted of four blog posts and nothing else. Some days are like that. I had tea and strudel, which I put into parentheses above in hopes of making it into a vegetable or something.

I had a great talk with Jimmy from Google — very nice but I still felt stupid when he pointed out the dumb mistakes I had made.

Then I had green salad with spinach and spring greens, raw papaya, mushrooms, and grilled chicken. I munched while attending Chris Brogan’s webinar. He’s smart and makes things simple. I wasn’t making any dumb mistakes with his topic, though, so it was more good clever ideas than things that made me feel like I should start over.

So did I have 5 servings of vegetables? No. Maybe 3. I had a new one, though. I’m on the way to embracing vegetables. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment and a meeting. Can I also manage 5 servings of vegetables?