Everybody is apparently wearing embroidered tulle. (The image is from an ad I serendipitously received in my in-box.) I’ve never worn it before, as far as I can remember, but I’m going to. I’ll cut out the Victoriana tee in coral tonight, with an embroidered tulle yoke. I also plan to cut the two-piece dress. I could make some progress on my Collection this weekend.

Where is all this sewing ambition coming from? I had a tea party planned with a friend and she had to cancel at the last minute.

She has a concussion. I have never had such a good excuse for a last-minute cancellation.

In any case, that means that I am here at home in a tidy room, nicely dressed, with a tea tray at the ready. It feels quite different from my usual Friday evening chaos.

Friday begins with a breakfast meeting for the team. The baby strews the living room with stuff in the course of this, and while we do a little bit of clean up before she leaves, I mostly leave everything out all day. After all, I cleaned up a bit before everyone arrived.

But that means that I usually end the week with a table full of leftover food and dishes, a sink full of dirty dishes, toys and books all over the living room, and notebooks and documents all over the coffee table. Tea tray? Forget it. Much as I would enjoy a civilized cup of tea at the end of the week, I don’t put in that kind of effort for myself.

Today will be different.