My husband has been employed for a week now. He says the factory is cleaner than our house, and they had several days of training instead of just sending him in to start on the machine. They decided today that the machine they put him on is too heavy for him and will be moving him to a safer spot next week. That level of concern is unusual in a factory.

He’s getting up at 5:00 a.m., and I’ve been getting up with him to make his breakfast and his lunch. Last night he had tournament and slept on the sofa, and I woke up just in time to see him off. Since I’m about to leave town for a few weeks, it’s probably good that he can manage by himself.

I’m hoping he sticks with the job. This is the third one he’s started in the nearly three years he’s been out of work. He’s not exactly celebrating, but he wasn’t that cheery about the CNC class he was taking, either.

I’m enjoying the uninterrupted work time, though I have actually logged fewer hours than normal this week. I’ve had errands and visits and phone calls and stuff. But I did get all the blogs out two weeks or more.

We’re minding #1 daughter’s dog for the weekend and #2 daughter will be arriving tomorrow.