I made a three-year goals list in 2017, and nearly all of my dreams came true. Among those goals was completion of my weight loss journey, and I am definitely there. I’m lower than my goal weight.

But I must recommit to my healthy eating habits, having eaten whatever I pleased all through the holidays.

I tidied my pantry and cleaned the fridge, tossing out most of the Evil 6.

Not all.

I’m also thinking about making a change of schedule.

I want to work more but not to sleep less. I want to exercise more and snack less. So I think I need to maintain my No Decisions breakfast and lunch, but take half an hour rather than a hour for lunch. Then I’ll add a half hour tea break — in place of the afternoon and evening snacking I’ve fallen into.

Mindful dinners should give me at least 10 minutes for strength training, while my lean protein cooks. I’ll see to the daily chores directly after dinner.

I have some evenings out, but I should still have time most evenings to read and knit. A healthy breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner should bring satisfaction without snacks. It’s more civilized, too.

That’s the plan.