I have a No Excuses exercise routine: 30 minutes and 3,000 steps on Wii Fit each morning while watching The Daily Show. I don’t get in many more steps than that, frankly, but I do at least get that 3,000 steps five or six days a week. I also do the occasional Daily Burn workout for strength training. Twice a week, more or less… but mostly less.

I want to step up my exercise.

So, after a week of not doing my No Excuses exercise at all (houseguests was my excuse) I found that the Wii Fit disc is not working. The Wii can’t read it.

It’s just 30 minutes of stepping. I could take a 30 minute walk instead, or even spend half an hour on the treadmill. There’s no real reason to continue Wii Fit’s Basic Step as my workout… except that I rarely get very many steps without it. Sigh.

I have a couple of other Wii Fit exercise games, including a yoga and Pilates one which I went ahead and used. But I also have Daily Burn, with a very large number of varied workouts, and Lotte Berk videos. There is truly no lack of guidance for my exercise time.

Wii Fit Basic Step is the only one compatible with The Daily Show. But mindless strolling might not really be the best use of my exercise half hour.

For the moment, I will go ahead and work out during the allotted 30 minutes with No Excuses. Maybe by New Year’s Day I will have chosen a 30 minute workout I can commit to. If not, maybe committing to the time frame will work for me.

I also plan to commit to a second time frame. At the moment, I plan to do a strength workout while dinner cooks. That may be 10 to 30 minutes.

Today was my first day back at work. I’ll do some work tomorrow, though maybe not a full day, and will get back to work in earnest on Thursday. That gives me a few days to experiment with workouts. I’ll give myself a Monday deadline to make sure I get movement in on workdays.