For a couple of months now I’ve been getting irritated by the messiness of my kitchen and pantry, but reassuring myself that kitchen and pantry weeks were coming up on the HGP, and all would be sorted then.

But the past couple of weeks have been very lively. I’ve had dogs visiting and humans visiting and lots of meetings and such. So the long and short of it is that I haven’t done the pantry, just as I didn’t finish the kitchen last week.

The Little Girl stayed with me yesterday and we made gingerbread houses.

Then #1 daughter came over with the Baby and we made dinner for the family, including #2 son and his girlfriend.

We made King Ranch Chicken, as well as a vegetarian version, and Holiday Slaw. Dessert was gingerbread and the caramels I bought at War Eagle.

It was a nice dinner, with light conversation and lots of playing with the Baby.

This morning we went to the local art museum.

This is Baby’s first museum visit.

She slept through it, pastry and all. #2 son and his sweetheart came, too. She had a wheelchair and was thus able to enjoy the whole visit.

I came home and cleaned the pantry.