This is what $186 worth of clothing looks like.

Actually, I’m happy with my purchases. It’s nice to be in jeans that fit rather than having to hitch them up all the time. I bought several things that have been favorite garments, but in new colors as well as new sizes. It is snowing, so I can even fully enjoy the chunky sweater I bought.

I am even aware that this amount of money is often just enough for a single piece of clothing.

I was just briefly surprised by the relatively small size of the box.

#1 son came home yesterday, so I got to hear about all his adventures mostly rather than sewing. I did get about halfway into a new blouse while watching If a Man Answers, a fun old movie with Sandra Dee and other people who were doubtless famous in those days.

It was a fun movie: light, sexist as you’d expect, and stylish, yet also well written and showing some interesting insights into people and relationships.

I also texted with my other kids, and began playing Letterpress via phone with #2 daughter.

I resisted cell phones for years after Everyone had them, and have resisted cell phone games this far, but I like this game.

All in all, it was a pleasant day. Today is Palm Sunday, and also the last day of Spring Break. I worked all morning, skipping church because of the snow that might have (but didn’t) become serious. This afternoon I hope to read, sew a bit, and generally take it easy.